Dairy RegTech 2022

21 November 2018

A new approach

DFSV is responsible for ensuring that standards which safeguard public health are maintained in the Victorian dairy industry. The industry’s ability to demonstrate adoption of standards and a culture that is committed to maintaining these standards is key to achieving this objective.

Our vision for future dairy regulation integrates performance and measures of behaviour (culture) to verify commitment to and achievement of regulatory compliance across the entire dairy supply chain, rather than solely focusing on audits.

DFSV is therefore proposing a new regulatory approach for Victoria's dairy industry.

Dairy RegTech 2022– an intelligence-led, risk-based, technology-enabled model, will be developed in collaboration with industry to facilitate effective regulation that is responsive to the digital transformation reshaping the operating environments for food businesses and government.

DFSV will work closely with industry to identify appropriate data points for collection of real-time information, which will be used to monitor and evaluate the performance of dairy industry licensees and verify compliance with regulatory requirements between audits.

Food businesses also need to focus on people, as well as their products and processes, to supply food that is consistently safe and suitable. Therefore, verification of compliance must include measures of the level of commitment of staff and management to maintaining food safety systems.

Dairy RegTech 2022 will incorporate the latest practice in food safety culture and, along with the ‘real- time’ data will introduce:

  • education initiatives supporting a proactive attitude to meeting regulatory requirements
  • incentives that recognize a positive food safety culture.

Transition to the new model

Dairy RegTech 2022 will, in partnership with industry, be piloted and implemented in stages over a two-year period. Results of each stage will inform the next.

A steering group involving industry and government/ DFSV representatives will oversee development and roll out of the new model.

DFSV will re-align core business activities in line with the final new regulatory model.

The benefit for consumers, industry and government is an increased level of assurance about food safety and the safeguards supporting our domestic and export markets for dairy products.