Camel milk to be licensed under Dairy Act 2000

10 December 2019

On 17 December 2019 an amendment to the Victoria Dairy Act 2000 will come into effect, bringing the licensing of camel milk farms and manufactures under the remit of Dairy Food Safety Victoria.

Until now, the Dairy Act definitions of both ‘dairy farm’ and ‘milk’ were limited to cows, goats, sheep or buffalo, meaning that camel milk farmers and manufacturers have been excluded from the Victorian dairy regulatory scheme.

The amendment will allow for milking animals more generally and will align the regulation of such businesses with that of all other dairy farmers and manufacturers in Victoria, bringing them into the one dairy regulatory scheme with the one regulator – Dairy Food Safety Victoria.

Previously, camel milk businesses have required regulatory oversight from multiple government agencies with multiple regulatory requirements. This has included local councils under the Victorian Food Act 1984, third party food safety audits, and the Commonwealth Department of Agriculture for camel milk businesses who export.

There are currently two camel milk farms in Victoria. Dairy Food Safety Victoria is working with these businesses and government to ensure a smooth transition of camel milk farmers and manufacturers to Dairy Food Safety Victoria’s regulatory scheme.