A revised and updated version of DFSV’s hygienic design guideline is now available.

29 January 2021

The construction and layout of your manufacturing premises is critical in ensuring the safety of dairy foods. Thorough and thoughtful design and planning of new or renovated premises to ensure hygienic requirements are met will reduce the risk of both persistent microbial contamination and foreign matter contamination.

The revised guideline outlines practical and relevant hygienic design considerations for dairy premises and equipment. It will assist potential and existing dairy manufacturers to plan and construct premises which are both fit for purpose and compliant with regulatory licensing requirements.

The hygienic design guideline follows the format of Standard 3.2.3 – Food Premises and Equipment in the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code, focusing specifically on the sections relevant to dairy manufacturing. This information and the included checklist will assist businesses to achieve compliance with this standard and support the production of safe and suitable food.

The revised guideline can be accessed by clicking via the link below:

Hygienic design: guidelines for dairy food manufacturing premises