World Food Safety Day 2022 - Safer food, better health


DFSV’s vision is to ensure the safety and integrity of Victoria's dairy products and we run several programs to support the safeguarding of public health.

In line with the Victorian Foodborne Illness Reduction Strategy 2019-2022, we lead a ‘Product Surveillance Program (PSP)’ , which aims to verify the effectiveness of industry’s  Listeria management controls and to inform guidance on the implementation and maintenance of best practice.

We also coordinate the running of the ‘Australian Milk Residue Analysis (AMRA)’ survey, which is designed to verify the effectiveness of residue control in the farm milk supply. 

And more recently, ‘Dairy RegTech’ was launched, an innovative program that acknowledges that a strong food safety culture results in better food safety outcomes.

This World Food Safety Day, keep in mind that we all have a role to play; whether we grow, process, transport, regulate, store, sell, buy, prepare, or serve food, food safety is in all our hands. And if we work together, we can all help achieve safer food for better health.

For more information, fun facts and ideas for how you can celebrate World Food Safety Day 2022, visit  A guide to World Food Safety Day 2022: Safer food, better health (