Training in food recalls and microbiological testing

Dairy food safety is heavily reliant on staff in the processing facility having adequate skills and knowledge. It is imperative that staff understand the relevant food safety hazards, how they are controlled and the importance of particular tasks, especially those related to the monitoring of critical control points. A basic understanding of microbiology will assist staff understand their HACCP plan and more effectively carry out hygiene and sanitation related tasks.

Food recalls are a stressful time for a business. Dairy manufacturers will have a recall procedure, but ensuring all staff have a good understanding of the process is beneficial and will ensure the recall runs as smoothly as possible.

There is little easily accessible, flexible external training in microbiological testing and food recalls designed specifically for dairy processing staff. To address this, Dairy Australia, through their Dairy Manufacturing Resources Centre website has released two online training courses which can be accessed by dairy manufacturers free of charge. These modules are prepared by state regulators and provide a useful training tool for dairy companies, allowing training to be undertaken at suitable times for both employees and the business. Further courses addressing food safety are in the pipeline and will be added to this site as it becomes available.

Currently there are two on-line courses available, one on food recalls and the other on food microbiology. Courses can be accessed via this link. All you need to do is register and learn…