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Dairy Food Safety Victoria (DFSV) is the independent regulator of Victoria’s dairy industry. DFSV ensures national food safety standards are met by licensing all dairy premises operating in Victoria’s dairy industry and approving and ensuring compliance with food safety programs.

Licence applications online!

A quicker, easier way to apply for a dairy licence is now available.

Applications can be completed, submitted and paid to DFSV online. All you need to complete the online form is an email address and a credit card to pay any relevant application or transfer fees.

If you wish to pay be cheque or EFT, pdf forms are available to download, complete and send to DFSV.

Information to assist you to complete your application is available here.

If you have any other questions about completing your application, please call our licensing team
on (03) 9810 5900


Dairy recalls  ExclamationSign

Fresh Fodder Pty Ltd has recalled its Blue Cheese and Pistachio dip due to Salmonella contamination. 

To view details of the latest consumer recalls visit the FSANZ website.   

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