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Dairy Food Safety Victoria (DFSV) is the independent regulator of Victoria’s dairy industry. DFSV ensures national food safety standards are met by licensing all dairy premises operating in Victoria’s dairy industry and approving and ensuring compliance with food safety programs.

Raw milk cheese production  Amendments to Standard 4.2.4 


Changes have recently been made to the Primary Production and Processing Standard for Dairy (Standard 4.2.4) to enable the production and sale of selected cheeses made from unpasteurised milk.

These changes became law in February 2015.

The changes

The Standard requires strict through-chain control over the production, transport and processing of raw milk to ensure final product is safe for consumers. They are in addition to existing requirements under Standard 4.2.4. Detailed guidance documents have been prepared by FSANZ to assist producers wishing to take up the opportunity to participate in the raw milk cheese production chain. Applicants will need to demonstrate their compliance before being approved. More...

Making your claim changes to labelling standards

From 18 January 2016 all nutrition and health-related claims on packaging and promotional material must comply with Standard 1.2.7 of the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code.

DFSV strongly advises all manufacturing licensees to familiarise themselves with Standard 1.2.7 and read Getting your claims right – A guide to complying with the nutrition, health and related claims standard of the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code.

It is important to review all claims or wording on current packaging to ensure they comply with the Standard.  Read more....

Contact your DFSV food safety manager or DFSV on 9810 5900 if you have any questions on compliance with Standard 1.2.7 or Standard 4.2.4 

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To view details of the latest consumer recalls visit the FSANZ website.   

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