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Dairy Food Safety Victoria (DFSV) is the independent regulator of Victoria’s dairy industry. DFSV ensures national food safety standards are met by licensing all dairy premises operating in Victoria’s dairy industry and approving and ensuring compliance with food safety programs.

Dangers from raw milk for human consumption

A wide variety of organisms that can cause illness can be found in raw cow’s milk. No matter how carefully it has been produced, raw milk may be unsafe because it can contain these organisms that cause illness.

In response to recent cases of serious illness among children linked to the consumption of raw milk products sold in Victoria as ‘bath milk’ or other cosmetic products, a new condition to dairy licences has been issued by DFSV.

This is to ensure that any dairy product not intended for human consumption is clearly differentiated from dairy food.

For further information, see the FAQs for consumers or the DFSV information note on the  risks of consuming raw milk and the Better Health Channel.

New DFSV licence conditions - control of raw milk sales

In response to ongoing concerns about the consumption of raw milk marketed as cosmetic products, DFSV is implementing a new licence condition for all dairy industry licences to ensure that these cosmetic milk products are clearly differentiated from dairy food.

For more information see the FAQs for dairy businesses or follow the link to the relevant licence category:

It is important to remember that in Australia, under the Australian New Zealand Food Standards Code, the sale of unpasteurised (raw) cows milk for human consumption is illegal. The use of raw milk in the production of some cheeses as permitted under the Food Standards Code is not affected by the above condition.

Any person, who in Victoria sells, delivers or provides dairy food for human consumption which has not been treated as required by the DFSV Code of Practice is liable for a fine of up to approximately $59,000. 

Dairy recalls  ExclamationSign

Timboon Fine Ice Cream has recalled one of its products due to non-compliant labelling.

To view details of the latest consumer recalls visit the FSANZ website.   

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