Management structure

DFSV is managed by an executive team, which provides support and advice to the Board, leads implementation of the DFSV strategic plan and oversees day-to-day operations of the organisation.

Executive team

Amanda Hill – Chief Executive Officer

The role of the Chief Executive Officer is to provide the leadership and strategic direction to enable DFSV to meet its statutory and corporate objectives.

Amanda has a strong understanding of the food regulation system, and well-developed national and international networks. In her previous position at Food Standards Australia New Zealand, Amanda was responsible for development of primary production and processing standards, food safety standards and recall and incident management. She was also the Australian Delegation Leader to the Codex Committee for Food Hygiene.

Amanda chaired the Food Regulators Incident Response Working Group and led the establishment of the Food Incident Forum, to facilitate government and industry collaboration on potential food safety issues including preparation, response and recovery. More recently, Amanda led the national strategy to promote and improve food safety culture, working with a broad range of stakeholders including food regulatory agencies and food businesses.

Amanda’s background is in immunology, microbiology and molecular biology and involvement in science management in joint ventures between research, commercial and service delivery organisations.

Deon Mahoney – Chief Scientist and General Manager, Industry Support

The role of the Chief Scientist is to provide high level, contemporary scientific and technical advice on dairy food safety issues to enable DFSV to meet its strategic objectives.

Deon has an extensive background in food science and food microbiology, with a focus on risk assessment. He has worked in various sectors including higher education, industry development, R&D program management, capacity building and food regulation.

Deon has previously worked at Food Standards Australia New Zealand as Principal Microbiologist heading up the microbiology risk assessment team supporting the development of primary production and processing standards for foods. More recently he was with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations as a Chief Technical Advisor leading a major food safety reform project in Bangladesh.

Karen Armitage – Acting General Manager, Compliance and Enforcement

The role of General Manager Compliance and Enforcement is to lead delivery of DFSV’s core function of regulatory oversight of Victorian dairy production. This includes monitoring compliance with regulatory requirements and initiating enforcement action when appropriate in response to non-compliance.

Karen has worked in the dairy industry for a number of years with previous senior roles at Australian Dairy Farmers Ltd and Dairy Australia where her focus was on facilitating positive regulatory outcomes related to dairy food production (including food safety across the value chain) for the purpose of maintaining and enhancing market access. Karen has also worked at the Victorian Department of Primary Industries and New Zealand Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

Daryl Glover – Acting General Manager, Planning and Business Services

The role of General Manager Planning and Business Services is to lead DFSV strategic thinking and planning, communication and engagement processes and to analyse and report against strategic objectives.

DFSV organisational chart