Ministerial Statement of Expectations

Ministerial Statements of Expectations articulate the Government's priorities and objectives for each of its regulators, and the regulators actions to fulfil these expectations are reported annually.

The development of each statement is a collaborative effort to ensure the statements are fit for purpose and take into account the regulator's circumstances, including objectives, legislative basis, size of organisation, and current practices and processes.

The Minister for Agriculture’s Statement of Expectations for Dairy Food Safety Victoria (DFSV) outlines the government’s expectations for DFSV’s contribution to the Victorian Government’s Regulation Reform Program to reduce red tape and improve regulatory practice. It sets out key governance and performance objectives and targets aimed at promoting greater efficiency, effectiveness and transparency in the administration and enforcement of regulation.

The DFSV Chair’s response outlines the activities that DFSV will undertake to meet the government’s expectations.

  Ministerial Statement of Expectations

  DFSV response to Statement of Expectations