Dairy Food Safety Victoria (DFSV) takes all complaints seriously. We will investigate complaints in relation to food safety issues or non-compliance with standards at a DFSV licensed business.

Complaints about a dairy product or business

If you have a complaint about a dairy food produced in Victoria, including complaints relating to any dairy product manufacturer, dairy farms and dairy product wholesalers, please submit your complaint online or contact us. DFSV will investigate the issue. 

Food safety complaints may involve issues such as foreign matter or mould; breaches of legislation such as unlicensed facilities, poor maintenance or operational practices at facilities; labelling and health-related claims (e.g. undeclared allergens on product labels).

If a complaint is determined to be quality related DFSV will forward the complaint to the manufacturer of the product for investigation.

Complaints of illness or injury allegedly due to dairy food consumption will be referred to the Department of Health and Human Services. Please note: if you are suffering injury or illness you should seek medical advice.

If you have a complaint about food purchased at a retail store or a food premises, such as a café, restaurant or delicatessen, contact the local council in the area where the food outlet is located.

Making a complaint

Complaints can be submitted online. A DFSV representative may contact you to discuss your complaint should we require further information.

We understand that in certain circumstances you may wish to remain anonymous. We will make every endeavour to protect your identity but require sufficient contact details, should we need to follow-up with you. Choosing to remain anonymous may, in some circumstances, limit our capacity to investigate fully.

Complaints handling process

Each complaint to DFSV is logged and then reviewed and, depending on the details, allocated to a DFSV staff member for investigation and action.

DFSV will notify you if your complaint is referred to a local council or other agency, and thereafter any feedback on the complaint will be provided to you by that agency.

DFSV will advise you when the complaint has been investigated and finalised.