Safeguarding food safety is one of the most important challenges for dairy manufacturers.

While implementation of HACCP-based food safety programs and good manufacturing practices focus on managing critical food hazards where and when they occur, your overall approach and attitude to food safety is equally important.

A strong food safety culture ‒ shared values, attitudes, competencies, and behaviours that determine the commitment to deliver safe and suitable food ‒ is essential. It must be led by management, with the commitment and support of all personnel.

The Dairy Food Safety Victoria (DFSV) seminar and workshop explored the benefits of an effective food safety culture and how to establish it in your business.

Event overview ‒ Food safety culture: Starting the journey

Welcome and introduction ‒ Deon Mahoney, DFSV

What is food safety culture ‒ Joanna Gilbert, Fonterra NZ

Food safety culture: Industry case study ‒ Andrew Pekin, Chobani

Food safety culture: The fonterra experience ‒ Joanna Gilbert 

Welcome and introduction – Deon Mahoney, Chief Scientist/Jennifer McDonald CEO

Food allergies: A fact of life – Maria Said, Allergy & Anaphylaxis Australia

Food allergens and allergen management in dairy processing – Robin Sherlock, FACTa|Allergen Bureau

Testing for allergens – Dean Clarke, National Measurement Institiute

Allergens: Risk assessment and labelling – Robin Sherlock (with Jasmine Lacis-Lee, DTS)

Allergen management: DFSV expectations – Rob Antonic, Food Safety Manager, DFSV