Licence fees and charges

Under the Dairy Act 2000, Dairy Food Safety Victoria (DFSV) is authorised to set and charge fees for the issue, transfer and renewal of dairy industry licences and the provision of services. Licence fees and charges are set annually by the DFSV Board in consultation with the Victorian dairy industry.

The following fees and charges are effective from 1 July 2019.

Fees must be paid on application

Dairy farmers

Dairy distributors  $190.00
Dairy carriers  $190.00
Dairy manufacturers Production volumes       
     Small01,000 tonnes
0100,000 litres
     Medium1,0011,500 tonnes
100,000150,000 litres 
     LargeGreater than 1,500 tonnes
Greater than 150,000 litres


Transfer fees must be paid on application

Dairy farmersNo fee
Dairy manufacturers (including milk brokers$190.00
Dairy distributors (including dairy food vendors)$190.00
Dairy food carriers$190.00

Invoices will be issued for licence fees once applications have been approved, except for bovine dairy farmers whose fees will be deducted from milk cheques by dairy manufacturers.

Fees are per annum.

Dairy farmer (bovine) - by volume 
Litres                                           $0.0001614 per litre       
Administrative fee for direct pays$51.00
Dairy farmer (goat/sheep) - by volume
Up to and including 100,000 litres$62.00
More than 100,000 litres$124.00
Dairy manufacturer - product by weight     
Base fee$634.00
Plus$1.5377 per tonne
Dairy manufacturer - product by volume     
Base fee$634.00
Plus$0.0015341 per litre
Dairy manufacturer  milk broker - product by volume
Any volume$0.0003614 per litre
Dairy distributor (incl dairy food vendor) - by volume and weight                                               
Any volume or weight$121.00
Dairy food carrier - by tanker
Any number$63.00
Manufacturer producing dairy product not for human consumption
Any volume and weight$50.00
Audit fees    (Charged at a minimum of of one hour)            
Scheduled audit (per hour)                          $254.00 +GST                   
Enforcement audit (per hour)    $605.00 +GST     


Desktop CAR close-out fees  
Number of major critical CARS        Charge for CAR close-out time  
13 major $127.00+ GST
4 or more major$254.00+ GST
1 critical escalated from major$127.00+ GST
1 critical$127.00+ GST


Onsite CAR close-out fees
Per hour (a minimum of one hour)              $254.00+ GST                     

Contact DFSV if you have any queries about dairy industry licence fees and charges. Click here for information about obtaining a licence.