Surveillance programs

The Product Surveillance Program monitors the microbiological quality and safety of dairy products, including verification and risk management activities of Victorian dairy manufacturers. The AMRA survey is designed to verify the effectiveness of residue control in the milk supply.

DFSV conducts a Product Surveillance Program which aims to verify the effectiveness of industry’s food safety controls and to inform guidance on the implementation and maintenance of best practice.

The current program is examining microbiological risk management by manufacturers, specifically focusing upon L. monocytogenes in cheese products and supports the Victorian Foodborne Illness Reduction Strategy 2019-2022, which aims to reduce the incidence of foodborne illness caused by Salmonella, Campylobacter and L. monocytogenes.

The survey investigates how well and how widely Listeria controls are understood, implemented and verified. Observations and samples are gathered during onsite visits and insights obtained will be used to identify any required guidance, training and support for manufacturers to ensure effective Listeria management practices in their business.

Reports from previous surveillance activities are listed below:

2018-19 Report

2017–18 Report

Survey of undeclared allergens – 2018

2016–17 Report

2015–16 Report

2014–15 Report

The national AMRA Survey is funded by the Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF). The survey monitors raw milk for potential agricultural, veterinary and environmental chemical residues.

The survey is integral to verifying the effectiveness of dairy industry systems to control residues in the milk supply. As well as providing assurance to the domestic market, the results from the survey play a critical role in maintaining international market access.  Approximately 1000 samples are taken each year from milk tankers from all dairying regions of Australia and tested for a range of residues. 

Annual reports are available on the DAFF website.