Introducing DFSV's Listeria training package

Between 2020 and 2021 DFSV undertook a surveillance project which focused on management of Listeria risks at Victorian dairy factories. An aim of the project was to deliver the outcomes of the project and provide targeted guidance back to industry based on key observations. The package consists of seven modules, each dedicated to a specific aspect of Listeria risk management. Every module features a video combining speaker presentations with animations to convey the content and is under five minutes duration.

The Modules

Module 1: Listeria’s significance in the dairy industry

Explains what Listeria is & why it is such a significant organism to the dairy industry, including the personal and financial costs of product contaminations.

Module 2: Knowing the risks - Why we need strong food safety systems

Outlines how Listeria can enter manufacturing areas, what behaviours can increase the risk of spreading of Listeria and why strong food safety systems are important.

Module 3: Where can Listeria persist?

Discusses key areas where Listeria is typically found in a dairy factory including examples from DFSV’s surveillance project.

Module 4: Reducing the risk of product contamination

This module is focused on the practices and systems necessary to minimise the spread of Listeria.

Module 5: Everyone has a role in keeping products safe

This module focuses on preventing Listeria contamination and explores effective control measures, emphasizing the importance of everyone understanding their role in maintaining product safety.

Module 6: Verifying controls

This module discusses key activities to verify the effectiveness of Listeria controls.

Module 7: Environmental monitoring

Provides guidance on how to design a comprehensive environmental monitoring program.

Subtitles can be applied to the videos and a number of different languages are available: